Social Media Strategy

An effective social media campaign requires a plan designed around your company`s specific branding needs. Media Barrel works closely with your department heads to isolate these needs and work up a social media methodology to address them.

The `To-do` List

In our initial consultations with your company, we present you with a `to-do` list — a plan for how your various departments will be interacting with us to achieve the goal of a unified brand concept. We will help you create sensible teamwork between departments to build a framework for your successful online brand.

Theme Building

Media Barrel can help you work out exactly what your company`s public face should be, based on whom you`re trying to appeal to and what corporate values you wish to present to them. We will also determine what kind of voice or voices your target audiences will best respond to. We can help you fine-tune the look and feel of your online presence so it appeals to everyone you want to capture (and no one you don`t.).

Choose Your Weapons: Application Consulting and Selection

The Web is a treasure trove of media and software applications — but it`s possible to be too rich. The glut of programs and platforms can be overwhelming, and all too often businesses will give up on strategic thought and simply employ a grab-bag of applications at random. How do you know which applications are tailor-made for your business and which are just a flashy waste of time?

Media Barrel can help you with this critical part of your social media strategy. Different demographics tend to prefer certain applications; for instance, the professional crowd makes heavy use of LinkedIn, while Facebook appeals to a broad mix of businesspeople and consumers. In fact, when we discuss social media we often use the term ROI in terms of `Return on Interaction` instead of `Return on Investment,` because in the social media world one equals the other. Media Barrel evaluates your company`s brand, current needs, and target audiences to determine which of the countless social media applications out there will give you the biggest ROI — in both respects.