Social Media Relations & Promotion

Social Media Relations & Promotion

One you’ve set up a platform to deliver your message, you need to make sure you’re taking full advantage of it. Media Barrel does this by using the full array of available media resources, working in concert, to make sure you touch all the bases.

Who’s Talking About You?

Media Barrel can help you identify and target your brand’s key ambassadors and influences. We’ll get the digital world talking about you – in a good way!

Stop the Presses

Media Barrel can help you create and distribute social media news releases in a wide variety of forms – online press announcements, podcasts and videocasts, streaming multimedia, photo galleries, etc. – feeding constant updates to drive web traffic to your business and solidify your brand. We can also make sure your web site or career site is well designed and search engine optimized to grab the attention of content aggregators and mitigate posting and advertisement expenses in your department’s budget.

Let’s Talk

If you host a party, you have to mix and mingle. Media Barrel doesn’t just put you in front of your audience; we build and manage your social community. We’ll help you create a following, make online friends and followers, and moderate conversations and comments to give your brand an ongoing, authentic buzz.

It Pays to Advertise

Media Barrel can enhance your social media position by developing and placing ads and other marketing content in strategic areas of your network. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content linking back to your website will boost traffic and build a regular, growing, targeted audience.

Once we’ve positioned these incredible tools so that they can be viewed, shared, and referenced by your online community, Media Barrel will continue to track, optimize, and report on the effectiveness of each and every tool. We don’t just get the conversation going – we fan the flames to just the right height.