Online Reputation Management and Social Media Monitoring

What’s the Word on the Street?

What are customers saying about you over the Internet, either to the general public or amongst themselves?
If you don’t know the answers to this question, you’re probably leaving tons of money on the table in unseen losses.

Negative word of mouth (or word of mouse, in this case) spreads much faster than positive word of mouth, and disgruntled employees or disappointed customers can cause your online brand to plummet. Even the absence of commentary leads people to assume the worst. You must take steps to monitor, manage, and if need be, repair your online reputation. Whether these online conversations reflect on your brand as an employer or on your consumer brand, or even both, the information is transparent and impactful. Social media monitoring arms you with data to keep your campaign working for you instead of against you.

Fortunately, Media Barrel stands ready to keep your brand strong. We’re experts at monitoring your brand for signs of trouble and developing corrective strategies to not only rehabilitate your online reputation but to make it even stronger than it was before.

Reputation Auditing

To see which direction your online reputation is going, we must first establish a baseline for measurement. Media Barrel performs an initial audit of your reputation to accomplish this, measuring such criteria as:

  • Conversation frequency and impact
  • Sentiment, tone and context
  • Participants and audience reach
  • Influencer participation
  • Community engagement
Reputation Monitoring and Management

Once we’ve set a baseline for your brand performance, we monitor your online brand closely to determine where there are gaps in your social media strategies, weaknesses in implementation, communication breakdowns among employers and employees or between company and customers, misalignment between branding and actual messaging, or other potential impediments to brand integrity.

Reputation Repair and Enhancement

Whatever “bad news” may be weakening your brand, the good news is that Media Barrel knows how to fix it. Using our expertise at evaluating social media metrics and developing branding strategies, we can use this information to adjust your social media platform, identify new trends that can yield better results, and generally refine our understanding of how your online audience views your company. Your brand can benefit from these corrections to emerge stronger and more sharply focused than ever.

Don’t let “circumstances beyond your control” erode your brand and your bottom line. Reclaim that control with Media Barrel!