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The statistics don’t lie: more than 75% of jobs are filled directly or indirectly via networking. Therefore, I suggest to those in job search mode to measure your success not by the amount of phone screens and interviews they receive, but rather by the amount of networking activity (LinkedIn connections, networking groups, one-on-one networking meetings) they generate. (Don’t forget to use your bio for networking purposes.)

Networking activity is something you definitely can control. If you are not networking effectively, you have no one to blame but yourself. Once you start networking, you start meeting people, exchanging more contacts, and talking about cutting edge topics in your field. This helps you to stay motivated. (Tip: Once you have built your network don’t forget to stay in front of them.)

As you stay motivated and as you continue to network a great thing happens. More and more job leads start funneling in your direction. You become a power connector yourself. You start to make connections for others and help others land jobs. You stay motivated. And you land a job for yourself.

So, I suggest you measure your success via networking productivity. What are your ideas regarding staying motivated? Leave a comment below.


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